About Us

The Prescott Police Foundation

The Prescott Police Foundation (“Foundation”) was organized in August of 2013, as a not for profit foundation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, in support of the Prescott Community. The Foundation supports the Prescott Police Department with charitable activities. The Foundation supports the Prescott Community and the Prescott Police Department, including:

Our Story

In 2011, when Sharon and Michael Broggie relocated to Prescott from Southern California, they became the first married couple to volunteer for the Prescott Police Department’s Citizens On Patrol unit.

At that time, the department did not have a nonprofit foundation that could help support its mission of community service. The Broggies took on the responsibility to establish a foundation. After two years, and with the support of the chief of Prescott Police, the foundation was incorporated.